Kids Back to School: Sunday Worship Speaking “The Blessing”

Sunday worship is a time to remain steadfast, along  enduring journeys that are ahead, because of kids. Kids depend on family. The road past defeat is dressed in dysfunctional opportunities that will fail kids. Pathways to success look more like disciplined intentions, boundaries of support and a home that worships God. “The Blessing”, Numbers 6:24-26 NIV, gives us a standard of worship for ours kids being equipped for a new year of school.  And, Sunday is the perfect time of the week to be intentional about our fidelity to God.

SUNDAY WORSHIP has always been a special day. It has been a sturdy, impenetrable force in the lives of people, especially people of color. The need to rest and be released to give thanks, uninterrupted and unrestrained by place and time is an imperative for the journey. Worship is in response to God. It expresses the deepest appreciation for the things he does.  The characteristics of worship are adoration, surrender, selflessness, humility, self-care and the greatest of these… love. Love is the pillar that supports the full weight of worship. It stands in solidarity with all the word. There are no contradictions. Where there is worship, you will find love. Where there is reckless abandon of selfishness and pride, there is worship. There is no worship in places occupied by a rejection of fidelity to God.

OUR KIDS. Sunday worship has been increasingly dependent on understanding the nature of worship, and God’s expectation. Kids cause worship. From the time they leave the presence of their family until their return, there has to be  confidence in systems that have been created to take care of them. Their release into and their release out of the care of others must be met with trust. In the meantime, through the absent times, families must rely on the benevolent nature of God to watch over- direct, instruct and guide them. Worship releases a system of care through faith, that families can access. Worship keeps you anchored in the fidelity of God and  “The Blessing” found in Numbers  6:24-26 NIV, gives you the words to speak that corroborates with the will and heart of God. It is a remarkable prayer that stands in solidarity with families. It expresses God’s watchful care over us.

THE STATION OF WORSHIP. Expanding the station (s) of worship is vital. The belief that worship takes place in a church is true,  but instead of punctuating such a fact with a period, try other grammatical marks. The”church” is not a building made of brick and mortar, but of the spirit. The church is in each one of us. Where we are, so is the church.  And, worship takes place in countless living spaces all over the world.  Worship is found where believers are found. The act of worship takes place in barber and beauty shops, in cars and malls and boutique shops,  bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, cars, fields and walking trails, yachts, fishing rigs and submarines, over sushi a MC burger or a bologna sandwich.  The place of worship is not an issue with God. Instead, it is the position of your heart and your desire to be in communion and fellowship with him.







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