Welcome to The BackLot Prayer Request for Creative Artists

Support and pray with moms whose children are in the entertainment industry.

There is an estimated 2 billion moms in the world and 85 million moms in the US according to Pew Research. Movie and video production in the US $17.4 billion dollars. The arts and culture sector added $233 billion dollars more to the US economy than transportation and warehousing.

In 2019 consumers spent $28.5 billion on admissions to performing arts events.The value of the creative industry to include film, TV and billboard is worth over $900 billion dollars. In states like California, arts and culture was valued at over $232 billion dollars; total jobs nearly 800,000.

In New York, arts and culture is valued at over $123 billion dollars added to the economy creating more than 500,000 jobs.In Georgia, the creative industry added over $28n billion dollars and over 154,000 jobs.

In Illinois over $29 billion dollars and over 216,000 jobs.In 2019 the arts and cultural arts sector employed over 5.2 million creatives. Compensation for creatives in arts and culture topped $466 billion dollars. The creative industry is not slowing down between 2010-2019, the economy added 492, 000 workers.

Over 133 million adults, over 54% of the adult population attended a live concert, a creative or cultural activity.