Begin the School Year Speaking “The Blessing” Over Your Kids

There are a number of concerns parents have as they prepare to send their kids back to school. Being safe, ranks as an “elevated” concern. The need to respond to kids’ “fears” is to combat their anxiousness with speaking words of peace and calm and protection. Prayer has always been the conduit through which families arrest their doubt and unbelief. Speaking  confidence in their kids’ school performance for the year is what Numbers 6:24-26 delivers.

Numbers 6:24 – 26 NIV The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.

BLESS YOU. Kids need to believe that the family expects big things of them. Listening to words spoken over them to begin the school year, satisfies the thirst of their esteem. Being a member of a community- the family “community” with full rights and benefits, is what every child dreams of owning. The swag. The pride. The satisfaction of kids knowing they are esteemed by their family is currency that never is spent yet, the deposits compound every single day. Speaking blessings over kids sets the stage for the school year to be a year of success.

KEEP YOU. Think about that- “keep you”. How often are kids being challenged by thoughts that skirt past boundaries the family has established. How often do they make choices that lead them in places that are not in their future interest. The petition answered is the belief that God will keep them. There is an unspeakable, and inarticulate comfort distributed throughout a day, when families speak and kids listen to words of protection.

MAKE HIS FACE SHINE ON YOU. When the day seems as though nothing could go right, here’s the wonder of God’s blessings. God’s gentle care is like rays of sun on a solemn face. The power of his radiance…his love, punches through their sadness and into joy. That is the power of the blessing. It provides the confidence kids will need to be victorious. Like a flower needs the sun to blossom and bloom, so God’s love will do the same for kids. A potent portion of it everyday keeps ill feelings and perspectives at bay. It is at this time, when kids have performed their best, that God’s love showers them with an “Amen”, and the glow of His “well done” shines brighter than the opinion of others, concerning a matter.

BE GRACIOUS. And, even when kids make decisions that are not in their best interest, the prayer is that the mercy of God, will be an acceptable the substitute for their mistakes. Kids will make mistakes. Believing their mistakes have already been accounted for by their family and most importantly, by a God of love and mercy and grace and forgiveness, makes all the difference.

TURN HIS FACE TOWARD YOU. To get someone’s attention is to petition or cry out or position yourself to be seen. Oftentimes, gestures to seek attention is not always rewarded. There is effort to “turning”.  To turn is to have a reason that justifies the act. For God, as he orchestrates and watches over the universe, the importance of every kid is expressed in a family’s petition to God, to keep an eye on things.

GIVE YOU PEACE. No matter what a day brings, kids have a confidence in knowing that as a member of a caring family, everything will be ok. How sweet of a consideration! No matter what happens at school with peers, and teachers, and grades, and tests, a prayer has already been prayed; a prayer of peace.



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