A Few Tips: Making First Day of School Special

Making the first day of school special is so much fun and so important at the same time. Kids grow in anticipation and expectation the closer they get to the end of the summer. There are so many fun things to consider to make their first day of school spectacular.

TAKE A FAMILY PHOTO: There are few things that are more fun or special than a family photo as the kids are being booted out of the door on their way to school. Imagine posing in freshly laundered jeans and other things or a flattering ruffled trim top with belted trousers. There are smiles stretched from one end of esteem to the next. Capturing such a happy time, trends in what beauty and love looks like. Taking things a step further, printing the photo and hanging it on the wall, will inspire the family as the school year moves forward.

DOUBLE CHECK BACKPACKS:  With so much excitement in the air days leading up to the first day back to school, double checking backpacks are critical. Your choice of first day items, after meeting the requirements of their teachers, should be in the backpack. Having a checklist, helps tremendously. Not only does it set the bar for day two, three, and four and the rest of the school year, but it establishes the framework as well. The older kids are the more responsible they must be in making sure they have what they need to be successful in school, and parents have to step up by creating family systems of support for them, to ensure they have what they need to succeed. Teachers find it frustrating to make assignments and kids arrive at school thinking they have everything, only to discover, it was left at home.

MORNING PRAYERS/AFFIRMATIONS: Protecting kids is an urgent responsibility. Ensuring they arrive to school safely and return home the same, is the expectation. Situations do occur, especially in the times we live in now. Prayer sets the stage for confidence in what the day will bring, and comfort when situations are beyond a family’s control. Affirmations, continue to remind kids who they are. The family, comes alongside them to support, encourage and love them through their expectations and beyond.  Morning prayer and affirmations are early morning standards of family care, for their kids. It sets a culture that moves with them through their years of schooling and into the hearts and homes of their own families.

DECORATE THEIR ROOM DOOR AT HOME: FUN, FUN FUN! After the kids leave for school, be ready to get at it! Decorating their room door(s) at home as creatively as possible, speaks volumes. Again, imagine their faces as they walk through the front door after a long day in school, and suddenly, they  see their room door decorated in their favorite colors and things (a real hit would be incorporating some of the colors of the school(s) they might be interested in attending after high school, OR, if they are considering starting their own business, have fun picking out colors for their business).

HIDE A SURPRISE IN THEIR LUNCH BOX: Taking a lunch break in the middle of a school day is something kids look forward to.  Imagine, again, their faces when they open their lunch box and there is a note of affirmation. A simple message that says “I Love You!” “I hope you’re having a great day!”, a smiley face or other symbol of love that says you’re thinking of them.

PRESENT THEM A BOOK WITH THEIR NAME IN IT: Literacy is serious. Literacy as an aspiration must be the number one priority families have for their kids. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic (Math). and Technology determines the future kids will have. Proficiency in these areas extends the likelihood of kids having an exciting quality of life and a family that will experience the same. But, it begins with books and reading. Presenting kids with a book, the first day of school, that has been dated and has their name it with a short message expressing heartfelt thoughts, starts the year off just right.

HAVE A “TELL ME ABOUT IT” SUPPER (DINNER): When I grew up, dinner was supper and lunch was dinner. Whether you call it supper or dinner, the focus is on the end of day meal. How families handle the beginning of the first day of school   is critical, however, the end of the day is as important. Intentionally serving a family meal at the end of the day, sets the stage for incredible conversations. Preparing questions to ask kids is  important. Random conversations are ok, but, the core of the gathering is to find out about their first day of school  and to determine if you detect the need for any early intervention. Keep a close eye on mannerisms – body language, and how they respond to conversations. It’s important to stay focused; your undivided attention means everything. With that said, all cells phones should be on mute or silenced.

The first day of school is the most amazing time of all. Parents and their peers jump care freely into conversation about the summer and the happenings as a new year commences. Kicking the day off in fun ways makes all the difference. Esteeming kids is what has to be done; they can serve up the best year possible when we stand alongside them to secure their aspirations one week, one moth and one year of school at a time.

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