The Power of Prayer

OH, HAPPY DAY! CREATIVES and artists in the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY (FILM, TV, BILLBOARD) are gifted from the heart of God. Just as God created the universe with its planets and stars with the universe containing perhaps billions of galaxies with each millions or billions of stars, with their enormity of numbers there still remains lots of  empty space in between stars and galaxies. In other words, there is still room for the creative forces to create.  And so, there is a lot of room for each of you to create and make your mark…fill-in the void with your creative energy and solve a problem that seeks an answer. 

This is the power of prayer. Your gifts will make room for you and you will bask in the joys of your accomplishments. Unleash your gifts and fill the empty spaces in your home, community and even the world, if you are called to it… then dare to dream and believe it! 

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