Enjoy Your Weekend:Workout Saturdays

Saturdays are great days to concentrate more on your overall well being. The kids are at home. No lunch bags, or buckets or water bottles to hunt for. The scramble for homework and book reports said to be declared eaten by the dog or shredded by some other intruder during the night, is out. Psychologically, it is classified as a day of rest, even thought it is really not.

The key to Saturday’s is having a plan. Planning is that essential tool that helps with a smoother operation of  household functions. Without planning, the overwhelming nature of  time feels extremely truncated and more, and more chaotic. As living, breathing, created beings, we were made for order; by it we are guided, and directed and protected.

Organizational discipline and practices is impossible without conquering the beast of time. Time tends to slow down when you want it to speed up and then, it accelerates by incredible speeds.

A commitment to attending to your health takes precedence over everything. What is the joy experienced if you have achieved great success, yet, struggle with a health issue that keeps you bound. Paying attention to the needs of your body to keep it healthy and strong begins with being intentional. It doesn’t take a commitment to hours of enslaving exercises and other movement to be impactful. Small incremental, intentional steps toward your physical health can be measured by the difference you feel as you move throughout your day.


There is so much that can be said about water. Water is like the “fountain of healing” available to everyone on demand. The benefits cannot be overstated. From being amazed by its ability to keep your skin hydrated and your face refreshed to softening lines and wrinkles as you age. And there are tons more benefits that are not just cosmetic. Your entire body benefits- digestive system, control of calories and more energy to help with the countless tasks you do everyday, to your joints feeling better.  Your brain health benefits as well – better mood, faster reasoning and making better sound decisions (brain and heart 73% water and lungs about 83% water). The skin contains about 64% water. So yes… water is important so drink up when you are moving and when you are not especially during the summer.


Before making a commitment to working out, no matter the workout level- beginner, intermediate or advanced, stretching is always the nonnegotiable first step. Consider early Saturday mornings (before the whole house gets moving) as your workout commitment time, if the weekday proves to be an impossibility. Begin with pre-workout stretches to kickoff your journey, and if you’ve not been active in a while, take it really easy. And, if you have health issues, consult with your healthcare provider before beginning.

Stretching gets you moving. Your body needs a wakeup call. It needs a reminder that it is a vital part of you and that caring for it is a priority. My daughter-in- law is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach https://www.trainwithnikki.com/. She moves moms and others through fitness plans that dramatically improve their personal zeal and of course, they “look, feel and move better”. Her mission is intentional, and her passion is unparalleled.  As a mom of two, she gets it. She understands what’s needed to guide them through life as resiliently strong, healthy and able bodied beings, and it all begins with her own personal health.


After stretching, next, you’ve got to move. Movement is intentional. It is not a time you log in your movement journal as an after thought and you appease yourself by checking it off of your todo list as “done”. Be intentional about your movements even if it’s when preparing breakfast or chasing behind the kids or pets or a missed opportunity, movement is important and your awareness of times of intentional movement is important.

WALK (Before you think of walking beyond your normal, and you have health challenges, here’s another reminder to consult with your health care provider first.)

Of course, when you think of movement you think of walking.  Isometric exercises come to the rescue. It’s a type of exercise you do like planks or doing pushups and sit ups against a wall.  There’s not a lot of movement involved. They are quite concentrated.  So walking is effective. It fills a void that can springboard you to a life of physical enjoyment. Every part of your body responds when you commit to walking. Your heart, lungs, joints and your immune system benefits from you walking. . The boost in muscle power and endurance refreshes your body and secures it for optimal performance in the hours and days to come.


Saturdays have to be booked and calendared as fun days. This does not mean that it is an occasion to abandon the family for self indulgence. In fact it is the opposite. It is a reminder of the power or organization and planning especially when the entire family is involved. Taking time to plan the month in advance (yes, there will be changes) is so much fun. It sets a course for success way beyond Saturday’s and weekends. Whether the hang-out is with your spouse and kids, church or professional colleagues, make them intentional and watch your fun barometer take on a new attitude and so will Monday mornings!


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