6 Ways to Help Promote Your Child’s Value

Kids are inherently valuable. They were created with special gifts, skills and abilities to bless the world and provide answers where there are questions. Below are 5 ways to promote your child’s value.


Families that are generous with giving their kids hugs and love throughout the day, have discovered the winning formula. Talk about a boost to a kid’s emotional development, is an understatement. Boosting self esteem is what has to happen as an anecdote against the negativity from social media and others that fight against how inherently valuable kids are.


It is red alert time! If your child has a certificate of any kind that has been earned no matter the subject matter, it must be framed and posted and displayed with haste.  Markers of success can be hard to come by as you grow. Establishing ways to celebrate kids at home among family is the best way to promote them and ensure their contributions have real value that is acknowledged and supported. Pointing out to everyone visiting the home their “WALL OF SUCCESS”, adds to their view of themselves and their view of how they might fit in the world that is healthy and robust. And, if they do not have certificates, create them. “Best Cook Ever”. “Best Helper Ever”. “Most Thoughtful Kid Ever”, and the list can go on forever.

All kids specialize. Sometimes, you have to look beyond the pouts and tantrums and attitude, and grab a hold of their uniqueness that God has given; it is there, trust me, it is. It is waiting to be celebrated. Small acts of support and recognition builds tremendous leverage that adds value to kids who might not otherwise stand a chance of believing, there is greatness in them waiting to be unleashed.


That’s right. Happiness is wrapped up in an unpredictable moment. Taking the time to plan surprises for kids is the ultimate game changer for building trust and excitement in being a part of a family. It signals “you’re awfully special”. Kids’ arrival into adulthood will require family creativity in ways that have never been needed before.  Most things must be done intentionally. There are too many influences of social media and other things that distracts and detracts from the hard work being done at home to keep them safe and productive. Keep in mind, surprises can be a range of options and do not have to  be costly; allow creativity to dominate – a fancy picnic instead of a five star restaurant. It will however, be an exercise in getting to really know your kids. This will cost you time, effort and a commitment to building a better relationship with them. How often should kids get surprises? There is no one right answer. Follow your heart. Look for opportunities. Balance surprises so they are not seen as an entitlement. Make sure they are different. And, most importantly, make sure they are surprises that your kids will grow by as much as they will enjoy. And, keep the cost low- unless you choose otherwise and add tremendous amounts of love and excitement!


Dressing up for a special date with your kids is a fun thing thing to do. Dressing up also ticks their self esteem meter off the charts as well as their feeling of being valued and appreciated and celebrated and loved. It says, “you’re special”, while providing kids invaluable experiences.  The planning, processing possible dining or entertainment options, prepping clothes and travel is what makes dressing up and going out truly, a special occasion to look forward to.

Learning new language skills, experiencing cultural differences especially if kids are taken outside of their community where there are built in comfort zones, and then there is etiquette.  Figuring out what fork to use, which spoon and what side of the plate the knife the bread plate the glass belongs, prepares them for a successful journey whether they are at a fast food restaurant, at home eating with the family or at a work place meal.

Dressing up and learning and experiencing the rules of eating out is priceless. Etiquette will play a decisive role in kids landing their future dream work. A meal and how it is eaten, can make the difference.


Kids have a massive amount of talent. Often times, their talent is the Achilles heel of schools, shopping days, and when  guests are over for dinner or fellowship. This is when the over-the-top version of their gifts come full circle. Their “undeveloped” raw gifts show up and show out with excessive talking, not listening, being combative and strong willed, to singing and dancing and banging every type of surface possible like a drum or countless hours on computers and iPhones and gaming systems. Either way, they are all gifts that should be on parade as much as possible. Passion points have enormous potential. Imagine making goo-gobs of money doing what you love. That’s the potential capsulated in gifts and talents of kids that often go overlooked.

Take a look around you. How are ways you can showcase your kids gifts by making sure they are age appropriate, safe and under your direct supervision at all times? If you see none, then create the opportunity. Now is the perfect time to make calls out, texts out, DM’s out, to family and trusted friends. Including all the things mentioned above to writing poems, short stories, tutoring, acting, speaking, drawing and custom designing arts and crafts, the opportunities to help kids jumpstart a most amazing future is possible beginning right now!


Life is consistent with the power of “small wins” and its relationship to future performance. Accumulating small wins to be celebrated with praises and lots of love, is a masterful plan. It  reminds kids that the spotlight is not just on the uncontrollable roar of a crowd, but for the intimate celebration of their progress with family. Accomplishments like, they ate their vegetables, cleaned their room, washed the dishes, swept the floor, folded their clothes, helped with the laundry, set the table and fixed their bed, needs to be spotlighted. Acts of family kindness should also be celebrated as well. Small wins are typically the result of a lot of practice that’s taken a lot of effort.

From saying “Great job… I’m so proud of you!”, to hugs and love and calls from family members, here are some ways to celebrate a kids’ small wins. Making paper certificates to be hung on the wall, to balloons and cake or them them having another special treat, a day out with friends, a movie, a toy or download, permission to stay up later, a shopping trip… the list of rewards are limitless.  Here is another thought.  Create a book of redeemable coupons for them to cash in (This Coupon is good for a hug. This coupon is redeemable for a toy $.00. This coupon is good for a treat of your choice. This coupon is good for staying up an hour later one night redeemable on weekends and holidays only).

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