It’s the weekend and it’s time for fun with the family. There is no better way to jump start a weekend, than with family. They are the uninterrupted variable that secures your health, wealth and over all well being. There is a saying that families that pray together, stay together. As an interruption of sort, not only do families that pray together stay together, they help secure a legacy of long-life for generations.

In communities of color, it is no secret that health outcomes are dramatically intensifying with higher probabilities that they will live longer. Eating habits and other quality of life choices have steered some groups in directions that mirror life spans years ago. Examining eating habits and identifying choices that do not add to quality of life is where he family as a whole, can intervene and challenge decision making. When the entire family is “all in” measuring probabilities become an exciting exercise in the power of the family as a functioning collective, rather than individualistic in approach to gaining and sustaining healthy outcomes for the generations.

Promoting healthy outcomes for families is the number one key to building, sustaining and maintaining wealth. If asking the wealthy would they choose health or wealth, they choose health; they can always build wealth- it is a formula. The rich have become the biggest buyer of health care according to a Harvard Study. It is understood that without good health, building, sustaining and enjoying wealth, is difficult. And, if you are poor, staying healthy is a game of chess or “Russian roulette.” The inability to purchase health care when it moves beyond what you are insured for, are the out of pocket expenses that derails everything because you just can’t afford it.

Your overall well being have contributors that link health and wealth to factors beyond what is seen. Families that spend time together, genuinely seek to understand and support each other and rely and cry with each other, are better positioned to handle the challenges of life. Taking the time to deliberately hangout and plan events is a kind of “soul-sista-bruther” way- no ethnicity specific- just phrasing from a culture of color, can change everything. When kids believe parents care enough to invite them in their presence, relationships blossom and run alongside everything else that they are involved in. School work improves. Their demeanor is no longer fatigued by depression or short sightedness.

So, there is no need to run counter your kids, but, run toward them with weekend plans that they cannot refuse. In the beginning this might seem awkward, especially if family and weekends together- iGen teens and all- are strange “bed fellows”. Readjusting and adjusting to the kids hanging out with you is well worth it. Allow kids the opportunity to plan and you follow. In the presence of systems kids believe in and support, you will discover the most masterful opportunities that will move your family into the spotlight to embrace the applause.


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