Every Family is Special Every Family an Original-What Families Must Remember

Every family is special. Every family is an original. Don’t be discouraged by the family you are in.  Keep fighting for it. Sometimes there is  no evidence that your prayers are working. But it does not mean that behind the scenes of what you cannot see, there is not a budding of potential that will bear fruit. Patience and love is what makes family an amazing institution. Love makes it and patience sustains it.

It is imperative that families keep loving each other.  There are contributions that families must make to ensure the world is much better because of them. It is this opportunity to impact the world (community, nation and world) that families must take their responsibility in the family as acts that will impact systems outside of their family unit.

Family was the first institution God created.  Family is the bedrock. It is the foundation upon which all of the world and its system were built. Inherent in the mandate to be fruitful and multiply, was the intention to have and raise kids to build on this newly created foundation. The success of the family would determine the success of all other institutions- church, school, government etc. Families ultimately were given the responsibility to nurture and equip the family for service. There would be a number of specific gifts and skills necessary to build community. The community would be a place of fellowship and where like values would be passed down generationally.

The individuality and differences that makeup  families,  is what enriches the creation of mankind.  When families embrace their unique gifts and skills, honing their craft and their vision as they convergence with other families, they paint a tapestry of differences that makes the garment- the world, so much better. This is a much deeper and compelling case for the value of individual families.

Unfortunately, unity in families is a daily struggle. Siblings are out of fellowship with each other and their parents.  The attitudes that splintered the relationships continues. Social media has not been a source of support or a place to mediate differences in families. The need for love, support and a sense of overall well being, is short-lived on social media. Caring has been reduced to an icon or emoji that has the weightiest job of all. It carries the needs of millions within its creation and it can neither meet the expected need, or should. Likes on social media pages indicates whether or not there is a human value behind a post. Family, during times of uncertainty and unrestful thinking, should be in relationship enough, to intervene and make a difference.

Luring a member of the family back into relationship with the family is critical. There is an imperative work that the family must do. The longer the rift foes unresolved, the further from a family legacy the family becomes. We were not created to just exists, but to make a difference, to envision and help craft a world that was made better by the family

The institution of family  was created to ensure the family would never be without a support system.  Families should never  compare siblings, nor should expectations be created that favors one over the other. Families have a responsibility to help identify their unique gifts and then determine where their gifts fit in the family. Families are to leave legacies.

Legacies are simply your impact on the world. Family legacies answers the question, “What legacy- contributions- will the family leave behind?”,  that impacts the family, the community and the world at large.

Vision is necessary to chart the course the family takes.. Without direction, the family is limited by default; contributions made are pale in comparison to what would have happened if they had planned.  Not only that, inherent in the role of families is their responsibility as teacher. Every family must set a standard that values learning.

Kids learn how to manage all kinds of things in family. They learn communications skills, empathy,  how to get a long with others, and how to bargain or negotiate their way out of trouble-skills of diplomacy. The structure of the family, allows for the molding of behavior that links the work of the family to a cause.

No matter where you live or who you are your family is special. The status of your online social media page or your bank account does not define your value. Every family is special. Every family is an original. It is imperative that families leave a legacy of their creation and not by default of circumstances but by intention.

Oh how rare are souls that are born into a family- that’s all of us. From the womb of a woman to the gavel in one hand and a pen in the other, every success of one member of the family, is success for them all. Imagine how powerful it would be if the vision was not just for one gavel and one pen, but generations of gavels and pens.


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