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Join a network of women praying for kids who are creatives and artists!
It is said that "human creativity is the ultimate economic resource."

The value of the arts and cultural production in America in 2019 was 919.7 billion, amounting to 4.3% of GNP. The arts contribute more to the national economy than does the construction, transportation, and warehousing, travel and tourism, mining, utilities, and agriculture industries. The creative economy accounts for about 3% of global GDP.

CREATIVES (ARTISTS)- Embarking on a journey with no guarantees- just faith in a thought, a dream, a vision, a discerning quality that ignites a firestorm of ideas that are never extinguished until conceived, designed and released into the world.” P Ferguson 

Who is considered a CREATIVE…an ARTIST? If you are imaginative, innovative, a writer, designer, composer, builder, decorator, film producer, poet, painter, musician, advertiser, architect, athlete, in the visual arts, fashion and textiles, designer, performing artist, musician, photographer, film and video producer, in the computer game industry, radio and TV industry, publisher, in the cultural arts , software designer, in the art and antiques market, crafts industry, makeup artist, illustrator, copywriter, toy maker and more, you are a member of the creative industry.