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Pray the Path is all about an invitation to commit the details of your life to prayer. 


 Pray the Path is about being a "witness". It is about committing your memory to a place in the past when you first heard someone pray. The goal is to capture that experience in a personal witness statemewnt in as colorful details as possible.Your personal witness statement serves as a real-life resource for others to draw upon and be strenghtened. The statements are "well-springs" that flow out of observation and experience. Upon reflexion, your sharing provides the evidence that people pray and when they pray, heaven listens and as a result, there is success in human affairs. Here, we have an opportunity to not only be a witness, but aid others in becoming witnesses to the reality of the power of prayer. 


Pray the Path is not just about prayer, it’s about relationship and leadership, and confidently knowing which path to take. Pray the Path is about measuring results and being given an opportunity to access tools that transform conscious, culture, and community, 


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