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Life is not easy but the pathway is forged by a God with all power. Pray the path is an invitation to do the work of poverty through prayer; to commmit the details of your life to prayer. For many, this is already a lifestyle and for others, it is a new journey that will hear a voice saying: "walk this way." Let us gather as we celebrate those whose paths have been illuminated  by prayer. This is a place to comment and be a part of the "witness" conversation. Below, you are invited to share in as descriptive way as possible, "THE FIRST TIME I HEARD SOMEONE PRAY."  Consider identifying them by relationship - grandmother, mother, grand dad, dad, sister, brother, and others such as a pastor, etc.. Thank you for committing to this statement and this statement only. You are in the role of a witness. I'm so excited about reading your witness staement so- get ready- go!

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