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With just a small action, we can change the trajectory of our lives and the lives of those we are called to serve. Pray the Path is an invitaiton to do the work of poverty through prayer by committing the details of your life to prayer. Prayer reveals with clarity, the path to victorious service on behalf of those without the resources and political might to rewrite their life's script. With all of the complexities of decison-making we face on a daily basis, the security in the choices we make, is in the path we take. PRAY THE PATH is taking the infallible truths of the written word in scripture, to attend to the details of our living. Pray the path takes the mystery out of which direction to go and what path to take. The road to victory is always a narrrow path that explodes into major thoroughfares; small towns to the whole world- how amazing is the grace of God in matters of His people!   

PRAY THE PATH is also about community. It aims to convene a broad coalition of stakeholders to the work of poverty through prayer. Our leaders and policy makers face difficult choices. They lead oftentimes in a vaccum far from paths that lead to the eliminaiton, prevention and the eradication of poverty. And so, we lead this work undersdtanding the gravity of our call to do the work of poverty through prayer. Our work is not only fraternal to leaders and policy makers in the public square, but a full community of voices with churches and faith-based institutions and organizations as full partners without which, this work bridged betwixt faults, shakes at its core and with it, a massive failure to deliver the call. 

At PRAY THE PATH, we believe in the power of prayer in the affairs of poverty. We therefore, call into being the path taken by each of us is in step with our calling to fulfill the plan and the purpose, to eliminate, prevent and eradicate poverty. Special thanks to the International Justice Mission -, without which, the full breadth of this work would not have been realized. It is because of their work that "doing the work of poverty through prayer" was born. 

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Patricia Ferguson is an extraordinarily passionate public servant, community leader, ordained missionary, renowned speaker, teacher and expert facilitator. She is the daughter of a single teen mother raised by two amazing grandparents who were sharecroppers- each with a 4th and 7th grade education. Raised in an economically distressed, rural, agrarian, majority African American community in northeastern NC, she draws on more than 30 years of public and community service. She has spent a lifetime working on behalf of children and families in economically distressed communities with over two decades working in a rural context, doing the work of poverty as an elected official and community leader, and doing the work of poverty through prayer. 

A committed believer since the age of nine, Patricia has been passionate about the impact public policy makes in local communities and in particular, communities who have a long standing history of being economically distressed. As the daughter of a single teen mom raised in rural northeastern North Carolina, her faith has been the source of her strength.The foundation of her faith was set by her grandparents. She was raised to love learning, love family, and love community. She was raised to take her faith with her at all times and to believe in the possibility of all things. Patricia moved to Philadelphia with her mother at the age of 14, where she began her journey by pulling inner-city kids off of the street and into positive experiences while her mother worked second shift, unaware of her acts of service.

Years later, after college and marriage, the birth of two amazing boys and being elected as the first female and African American female to her county board of commissioners, Pray the Path was revealed to her during a very difficult period in her leadership. Sounds of sirens blaring through her small community, with emergency vehicles racing toward unrest at the only high school in the county, moved her like never before. Fleeting past her at that very moment were her acts of service over a lifetime and how, after all she had accomplished, it was not enough. Poverty continued to consume her community and now grappling with what to do about acts of violence and unrest; she struggled to find answers to the hopelessness. It seemed as if poverty was winning. She lifted her voice as she did many times before and cried in Lord! 

Patricia knew there was power in prayer. She had witnessed it in her life over countless years. Her public accomplishments and impact as an elected official and community leader was the result of prayer. She knew the power of the believer rested in prayer and the promises of exercising that authority, could be documented. 

And so, after crtying out to the Lord, what she heard were the words, "PRAY THE PATH". She then birth, Pray the Path - an invitation to do the work of poverty, through prayer. 

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