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Fan the Flame
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WOMEN OF THE HARVEST! FAN INTO FLAME YOUR GIFTS! You can do it! Pray the Path is an invitation to do the work of poverty through prayer; to commit every detail of your life to prayer. All of us were created for prayer and all of us were created to always pray.This is the pathway to results. The more frequent and fervent our prayers, the stronger and more resilient we are to embrace the path God called us to take.

By committing the details of our life to prayer, it sets ablaze our passion to finish our journey. The security in the choices we make is in the path we take. Mediocrity is not enough...let's go full flame - pray the path!

“Eyewitness” Project
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Pray the Path is an invitation to do the work of poverty through prayer; to commit the details of your life and your work on behalf of others, to prayer. If you’d like more information on how to move Pray the Path from your personal space, to your community or church, click here. 

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Life is not easy but the pathway is forged by a God with all power. Pray the path is an invitation to do the work of poverty through prayer; to commmit the details of your life to prayer. For many, this is already a lifestyle and for others, it is a new journey that will hear a voice saying: "walk this way." Let us gather as we celebrate those whose paths have been illuminated  by prayer. This is a place to comment and be a part of the "witness" conversation. Below, you are invited to share in as descriptive way as possible, "THE FIRST TIME I HEARD SOMEONE PRAY."  Consider identifying them by relationship - grandmother, mother, grand dad, dad, sister, brother, and others such as a pastor, etc.. Thank you for committing to this statement and this statement only. You are in the role of a witness. I'm so excited about reading your witness staement so- get ready- go!

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COMING SOON... A Book of Prayers

Pray the Path is more than just a journey down pathways that lead to God's call for your life. It is an invitation to do the work of poverty through prayer; to commit the details of your life to prayer. It is a way of life. Her BOOK OF PRAYERS will help move you along your journey. Effort is always a requirement that leads to your advantage. Rushing to accomplish this or that is not recommended as a key to successs. Instead, it is steady persistence, planned intention and a love for the journey. So, get ready to experience a personal prayer revolution as you relinquish the details of your life to prayer. Her book will revolutionize the way you approach your every day journey. You will be challenged to hang your faith and confidence on the path the word of God has prepared and listen for the voice saying: "this is the way you should go". 

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Pray the Path Bracelets

You’ve seen the colorful silicone bracelets etched with inspiring messages. Our version has the words Pray The Path on them. It serves as a moment-by moment reminder to commit the details of your life to prayer. They represent the love and faithfulness of God that never leaves us. We are reminded that being in continual contact with God, is a sweet surrender of our will for his and in exchange, his yoke for ours. Every disappointment is slain according to the writings of the word of God. Pray the path bracelets...your point of contact as you commit the details of your life to prayer.

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